Viewing Facility

Focus Suites offers one of Dublin’s best known and most sophisticated viewing facilities with excellent technical infrastructure. The viewing gallery can accommodate up to 20 observers making it the largest in Dublin. We also have adjacent meeting rooms ideal for respondent group assembly and briefing/debriefing.

The facility is fitted with the following -

  • One-way, sound proofed mirror ensuring excellent visibility
  • DVD/Audio recording with ceiling-mounted camera and microphones
  • 72” digital ‘smart board’ serving as projector for laptop presentations or TV/DVD screen
  • Air-conditioning
  • Wireless internet enabled
  • Web-streaming facility
  • Hostess and full catering service
  • Basement car parking for evening client group observers by advance notice

We provide up to two experienced hostesses on the evening of your focus group who can provide backup phone, photocopying or other support services as well as catering for the food and drink requirements of respondents or the client group.


We work closely with a small number of moderators and fieldwork consultants and can outsource this element of your qualitative market research if required.